Truth Builders Talks

We want to help the Church stand strong and equip believers in shielding their faith. Birthed out of the hearts of one of our staff members, Truth Builders is an ANM initiative whose goal is to deliver God’s truth to the church in a culture that doesn’t know what truth is.

The focus of these talks is to warn Christians about the dangers of false teachings, counsel them on how to develop and maintain a Christian worldview, and to bless the Church through building up the Body of Christ by:

  • being available for consultation regarding various religions and the occult and as an information resource for pastors, church leaders, and laymen alike.
  • conducting seminars on cults, world religions, the occult,  and Christian apologetics.
  • having a special focus on how the occult is affecting our children and youth, especially through popular entertainment.
  • acting as a resource to help churches understand the surrounding culture and maintain a Christian worldview in the midst of so many conflicting belief systems.

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