God is at work around the world, reaching the unreached though native missionaries.

You might be wondering how a church body so far away can be involved in native missions. ANM missions conferences bring international missionaries to local communities, introducing global brothers and sisters.

An ANM missions conference inspires and encourages through preaching and testimonies from missionaries and ANM staff. It’s an opportunity to rub shoulders with Christians serving in some of the hardest places in the world. Whether it lasts a day or a weekend, a missions conference can transform a congregation.

“This weekend…moved us from ‘doing missions’ to becoming missional. Our people no longer see missions as an ‘activity’ of the church, but as part of who we are in Christ.” – Pastor Robert McCready

“Actually, these missions conferences are more like missions revivals. Congregations are often revived after they meet the indigenous missionaries, hear their powerful and victorious testimonies, and get directly involved in world evangelization.” – Oliver Asher, ANM’s CEO

ANM missions conferences are free to churches because of our heartfelt desire to see North American churches mobilized for missions.

Our theme for missions conferences, Building the Kingdom Together, also displays our desire to facilitate relationships between Christians here in the States and those on the frontiers of mission work.

Are you interested? Call us or send us an email using the form below. We would love to start planning your church’s next missions conference. Let’s build the kingdom together!

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