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Pencils for students’ empty hands, rice for refugees’ hungry stomachs, a tractor for fields ready to be plowed…

When native missionaries have a need, ANM responds. With the help of donors and volunteers like you, we collect, purchase, pack, and send the requested items, which may be difficult or expensive to purchase in their own country. Your partnership helps these faithful ministries take their work to the next level.

How can you help?

Give: Fund a specific collection on the pages below or ship a pound for a dollar. Ship a pound
Collect: Take a look below at the collections going on right now.
Volunteer: Organize, pack, and load in our warehouse. Contact us
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We want to send quality items to our partners, so please make sure all donations are new or in very good condition.

In all donations, please avoid depictions or representations of violence, camouflage, superheroes, patriotism, American holidays, drugs or alcohol, offensive or crude language, and immodesty.

Questions? Contact us or call 540.456.7111 and ask for Lynn.


Israel has one of the highest poverty rates among the world’s developed countries. We are now working in partnership with five Messianic ministries there, each of which provides humanitarian assistance to the poor along with their other activities. Together we can help them display Yeshua’s generous love for the destitute and downtrodden.

Shipping cost: $3500

Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Millions of Syrian refugees have arrived in Jordan with nothing but hope. Local Christians help them get on their feet, build a new life, and meet the One who loves and suffers with them.

Shipping cost: $5000

Northern Iraq

Northern Iraq’s harsh winter is quickly approaching. In these harsh circumstances the needs are dire. ANM has partners ready to help displaced persons in Iraq. Because the need is great, ANM plans to send a container of supplies immediately.

Shipping cost: $8000


Most students at His Love in Action Deaf School come from very poor families with monthly incomes of $50–100 for six to ten family members. His Love in Action provides meals, school supplies, transportation, and doctor’s care for students free of charge. This ministry is serving the whole family in Christ’s name. They can do more if we equip them. The items are ready to go, but funds are still needed for shipping.

Shipping cost: $4200


Our partner ministries in the Philippines are multi-faceted operations sharing the love of Christ through church planting, feeding programs, schools, and more. Frequent shipments help sustain and extend their work. A 20” x 17” x 23” box costs just $95 to ship, regardless of weight.

Shipping cost: $95


Worldwide: Adventure Packs

Our missionary partners regularly request school supplies, hygiene items, and medical supplies. Our response—Adventure Packs—is a simple, ongoing collection project. Tell us how many Packs you want, we will ship them to you, and you fill them and return them to us to send to missionaries around the globe.

We want to send quality items to our partners, so please make sure all donations are new or in very good condition.

Questions? Contact us or call 540.456.7111 and ask for Lynn.