Church Mission Trip with ANM Fulfills Calling from 54 Years ago

At age 15, Myra accepted God’s call to go to Africa as a medical missionary. She had always wanted to be a nurse; she could use those skills to help people in Africa.

Myra trained as a nurse, but then life happened. She got married—to Ronnie Floyd, later an ANM staff member and prayer warrior—and became a mother of three. She was a pastor’s wife for 35 years, and as her husband aged she cared for him. When Ronnie passed away, Myra went back to work as a nurse part-time. She did get to use her skills and training on short-term mission trips, but she never made it to Africa.

Then came the request, “Would you like to go to Togo with a vision team? There will be a one-day medical clinic, and we will investigate building a medical clinic there.”

At this point I saw Myra at the ANM weekly Bible study. It’s always a blessing to see her. And I was even more excited when I heard her news. The trip request was last-minute, and her mixed feelings of excitement and apprehension were apparent and understandable. Because it was last-minute, she was concerned about raising funds to go. But she also told me how she came from a missions-minded family and church. As a child, she was privileged to hear western missionaries tell about what God was doing on the mission field. Then she talked about her dream to go to Africa on mission.

I told her, “Of course you are going.” She exclaimed that I was the second person to respond that way. Of course God supplied, and she went to Togo.

So after 54 years, Myra saw the fruition of her dream to be a missionary in Africa. She and the doctor she worked with saw 275 patients in one day. After she had been working for several hours, ANM president Oliver Asher, who was with the team, asked if she was doing okay. She answered, “I am in my element.”

Myra got to see what Kodjo, the local ministry leader, and his team have accomplished in four years in Togo. They have built a school enrolling 1,000 children, planted two churches of 250 and 150 individuals, and built a pastor’s house. Next they hope to build a permanent medical clinic to serve the community.

Myra told me, “So now I am back home and this ministry is on my heart daily. So I pray for the work but also ask God, ‘What can I do to serve this work?’… If he can answer a prayer that I had at 15, I have the blessed assurance that he will direct me. What a good God we serve!”

At 69, Myra experienced God giving her the desire of her heart just as he promised. I wonder what he will do next for her.

How does God want to use you to be a blessing to others?

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