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Christmas Catalog: Bibles for China Matching Opportunity and More

For this year’s Christmas Catalog, ANM has received a remarkable opportunity to spread the Word of God in China. An international partners will match all funds we receive for China Bibles up to $50,000!

Though China is tightening its surveillance of Christians, workers report that people “are more thirsty for the Word of God than anything else.” Churches are “on fire” for God, and many dying churches have been revived. Adult Bibles can be supplied for just $3, and illustrated children’s Bibles for just $4. Then multiply by 2, as your gift is matched.

This year’s catalog contains many other opportunities to make a difference this Christmas for children, men and women around the world. From illustrated Jesus storybooks in the Philippines (8 cents each) to bicycles for Honduran pastors ($95 each) to Gospel broadcasts into North Korea ($200 per 30-minute broadcast), there are options for everyone.

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