The Far East

Christians Return to North Korea with the Light

They stand in the darkness of the cold January night on the banks of the Tuman River, that thin and frozen border that separates North Korea and China.

By Dan Reichard

The six hadn’t known each other before they arrived separately from North Korea. But each defected from the North for the same reason: their families were starving, sick, and afraid.

North Korea is in chaos. The Loving Fatherly Leader, Kim Jung Un, had more important things to do than to care for his people and their needs. He was busy building a standing army of more than one million men and the second largest arsenal of chemical weapons in the world, to say nothing of the nuclear weapons and delivery systems being developed. Resources had to be diverted from the people for the defense of the nation against those its leaders fear most, South Korea and the United States.

But while these six came to China for food, medicines…hope, they shared most importantly a desire for the love of Jesus Christ. Some stayed in China for weeks, some months, studying God’s Word. Then they sensed the call to return, even at the cost of their very lives, to bring food, medicine, Bibles, and the message of Jesus Christ back to their families. Back to their villages.

Through ANM’s local partners many Christians in the States have helped train devoted Christians like these who return to North Korea with the news of abundant life. We hear very little about them. In the total blackout of information from the North, we don’t know all that God is doing there.

We know that some will die. Some will be imprisoned. But we know that the light never shines as bright as it does in the absolute darkness, and the light is shining…today,  tomorrow, until God calls these missionaries home.

This episode is repeated all the time on the borders of this most closed country. Please spend a moment praying for your forgotten and isolated brothers and sisters. You can supply North Korean Christians with basic necessities and equip them to bring Gospel light to their suffering communities by donating here.

Thank you for your caring and for sharing God’s love.

Dan Reichard is ANM’s Far East director.

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