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Christian Woman Shows Kindness to an Imam’s Family in Algeria

Lisa started a beauty products store as a way to support herself and as a way to meet Muslim women she desired to minister to in Algeria. The salon opened the door for her to share the Gospel with women who came to buy her products; what an excellent opportunity to meet them and share the Gospel, as their husbands would never enter such a store!

A Good Reputation Suffers

Lisa was well known in the community because her beauty supply shop did not burn when fires destroyed many buildings in town. Some of her neighbors thought she performed black magic to protect her shop. During COVID, Lisa often visited with women to pray with them and encourage them. 

Unfortunately, her beauty supply shop’s success drew the hostile attention of the local imam, the community’s religious leader. He had moved to the community with his family six months earlier. The imam had little respect for women in general but especially hated Christian women. He considered Lisa an infidel and spoke harshly about her in the neighborhood. 

Lisa heard about the imam’s words from her friends. They also told her something that surprised her about the imam and his family. Their home had no bathroom, which was quite a problem for his wife, several daughters, and their extended family. The bathroom had been seriously damaged in an accident and had not been replaced. The family would go outside under the trees to shower, and local young men would peep through the trees to watch them. The imam tried putting cardboard boxes up to cover the shower area, but that did not solve the problem. What shame this brought to the family!

Helping a Family in Need

Lisa decided to help. She contacted ANM and soon received funds to build a bathroom for the family. She visited the imam and his family to inform them that construction would begin soon to add a bathroom to their house. 

The imam’s wife was curious why Lisa would do this kind deed for them. During the bathroom construction, Lisa was able to spend time with her and her daughters. Lisa explained, “Jesus teaches us to bless people. I want to bless your family.” The love she showed to the family convinced the wife and the oldest daughter to accept Jesus as their Savior.

Challenging the Imam

The wife challenged her husband, “You were unkind to Lisa. You persecuted her, spoke badly about her, and hated all women, especially Christian women. Lisa was kind to our family despite your treatment.”

This rebuke persuaded the imam to apologize to Lisa for his treatment of her. Her forgiveness, kindness, and sharing about Jesus spoke to his heart. Later he had a dream about Jesus, and the imam accepted Christ as his Savior. Then all his family accepted Jesus. They will be baptized soon.

The Muslims in the mosque were shocked when the imam left his position there. He told them, “I was with you for six months, and no one helped my family or me. This lady helped us.”

How You Can Help

Lisa is a perfect example of turning the other cheek and the power that an act of kindness can have on an unbeliever.

You too can show kindness to unbelievers in other countries. You don’t have to travel overseas to do that. Check out the ANM Gift Catalog to see ways you can help people in need. The Catalog has over 20 ideas of how you can give. One of the items may intrigue you, such as giving a new believer their first Bible or buying 200 frogs for $10 for a pastor’s family to raise and sell to sustain his family. Check it out today and be a blessing to a needy person overseas.


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