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Children from Leper Colony Now Have a Dry Ride to School

Clad in their school uniforms, their backpacks on their backs, and lunch bags in hand, the children happily wait their turn to get on the school bus. Excitement bubbles over as they step to their seats.

By Marlou Barredo

David Yone Mo, the late founder of Myanmar Young Crusaders, once prayed, “Lord, please give me those ministries that no one else wants.”

God answered him by trusting him with outcasts shunned by society—lepers. He shared God’s love with them in tangible ways, even partaking of the food they served and staying in their homes. His sincerity drew lepers to Christ.

Compassion for their children also filled David’s heart. Many of them were disease-free. To keep them from contracting the disease of their parents and offer them opportunities, he brought them to the ministry’s home that today cares for 135 children—orphans, children of leper parents, and others.

For years, these children received food, clothing, and loving, nurturing Christian care. They rode the ministry’s school bus to and from the nearby government school. But after years of service, the bus began to fail. The seats were torn, and the bus stalled frequently.

The children would get off and help push it with their little hands until it would start again. This spectacle made them the butt of jokes and ridicule from bystanders.

One rainy day an older child on the bus suddenly shouted, “Open your umbrellas!” The roof had begun to leak. The children began praying earnestly for a new bus.

David went to his Heavenly Father in 2003, but his daughter, Sharon, maintained the vision. In 2015, Sharon came to the U.S. to visit friends of the ministry. Before leaving Myanmar, the children gathered around her and prayed. Then they looked up at her and asked, “Mama, will you bring us back a new school bus?”

Believers in the U.S. rallied around Sharon, Myanmar Young Crusaders, and the children, and responded generously to the need. The new bus soon arrived.

What a beautiful blessing the new bus is to these once-disadvantaged and hopeless children. No more leaky roof or mechanical breakdowns. Now the children ride their new school bus with joyful pride and gratefulness.

“When the bus first arrived, the children did not want to get off,” Sharon said, “not even after reaching the home from school. They enjoyed riding the new bus. Also, during hot days they like staying inside the bus. Unlike their old bus, their new bus is air-conditioned!”

Children do have a cherished place in God’s heart, especially the ones the world has rejected.

Marlou Barredo writes for The ANM Magazine and other ANM publications.

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