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Translators Association of Philippines

Bibles and literature for the remote tribes of the Philippines


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About This Cause

Of the 163 language groups in the Philippines, 63 do not have a Bible written in their own tongue. In fact, many of these languages do not even have an alphabet! So when one of the approximately 50 missionaries from Translators Association of the Philippines (TAP) enters a new village, he first has to learn the local language and then develop its written form. Only then can he translate the Bible and begin to use Scriptural passages as a “textbook” to teach the people how to read. In addition to their obvious twin emphases on Bible translation and literacy programs, TAP also runs a community-based health care ministry which provides badly-needed medical services to isolated areas.

The Lord has raised up this ministry to fulfill a key niche in the Philippines: bringing the Word of God to every people group in their own language. Contact us today to learn how YOU can help share the Word!

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