Shipment for Displaced and Persecuted Iraqis

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About This Cause

Arifa used to work as a petroleum engineer. She and her family worshipped the Lord in peace in an area of Iraq where Christians have lived for almost 2,000 years. Then ISIS overran the region.

Arifa’s family faced challenges on every side. Radical Islam became the law of the land. ISIS even corrupted the attitudes of moderate local Muslims who used to coexist peacefully with the Christians living among them. Arifa’s family started receiving threats. They feared their children might be kidnapped. Then one day Arifa’s supervisor delivered this awful news:

“You have to cover up! You must wear the hijab if you want to work here. If you don’t cover up with this shawl to prove you are a Muslim, then you will pay the price.”

Essentially, he was saying, if she didn’t become a Muslim she would lose her job!

Arifa and her family were forced to flee the country for Jordan, where they hoped to find safety and freedom to worship. You can read the rest of her story here in our September 20 post.

You can help by donating to cover shipping costs

The harsh desert winter is coming soon, and ministries serving families like Arifa’s are short on blankets, food, clothes, and other items to help people through the cold months.

ANM has an opportunity to purchase and send these supplies, which often are unavailable locally, before winter comes. Our warehouse team has many of the resources in place; we just need your help to finish filling the container and get it on the ship in time.

We’re only $10,000 away from being able to send this invaluable help to persecuted and displaced families looking for hope in the Middle East. You can help send supplies to persecuted Christians and displaced families by donating today. Matching funds are available, up to $4,000. Our team hopes to ship this container by the middle of November in order to get it to its destination on time.

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