Middle East

Heart of Mercy

Bringing Christian love and aid to refugees in the Middle East


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About This Cause

Heart of Mercy is an international humanitarian relief and development organization that is committed to seeing God’s work done in the Middle East. By building relationships with other Middle Eastern ministries, they have become a catalyst for regional churches working together to help those in need during the worst refugee crisis in modern history. Their ministry impacts thousands of lives each year by serving schools, refugee camps, refugees from multiple bordering countries, churches, and other parachurch ministries.

Through Heart of Mercy’s sponsorship program, children receive assistance for school, attend four-day children’s camps, and receive active demonstrations of the love of Christ. Their ministry also cooperates with several international medical organizations to provide free medical services that meet specific needs of poor communities. Finally, they distribute shipping size containers filled with food, clothes, medical supplies, and other much-needed goods. Through Heart of Mercy, the naked are clothed, the hungry are fed, and the lost are shown Christ’s love.

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