South Asia

Disciples for the Harvest (Ministry of David and Colleen Derby)

Teaching, training, and discipling local believers in remote parts of South Asia


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About This Cause

The mission of Disciples for the Harvest is to go and make disciples of all nations, in particular grass root church planters and Christian leaders in remote areas of South Asia. Most of our trainees have less than a fourth grad education, if any, and live on less than $1.25 a day.

The goal of Disciples for the Harvest training is to help local Christians overcome their sinful habits. Coming from a Hindu background, they know they were lost, and by accepting Jesus they are saved. However, many of them do not consider themselves to be sinners because they never murdered anyone, stole anything, or committed adultery.

Often, in our sessions, nearly half the attendees come to understand they are sinners and make first time confessions. After the training we trust the Lord will work through the attendees to share Jesus with their non-believing neighbors and friends. We’ve heard reports that after our training the number of Christians in some areas has doubled or tripled and new churches have been planted.

We praise the Lord that He is using our mission as a catalyst for growth.

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