South Asia

Clean Water for Bangladesh

providing for the physically and spiritually thirsty


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About This Cause

Did you know that clean water can also lead people to living water?

In Bangladesh, 87% of the population is Muslim, and there are many other groups of people who haven’t encountered the gospel as well. One of our ministries there faithfully shares the life-changing news of Jesus with these groups with the knowledge that meeting a practical need can often open doors for meeting spiritual needs. 

Clean water is a huge need in Bangladesh. It is also an effective way to break down barriers to reaching many different groups of people in the region. Providing tube wells to unreached villages can bridge the gap in gospel outreach. They help pull water out of existing bore wells in the ground while actively demonstrating and opening opportunities for sharing the incredible love of Jesus.

So how can our church help?

For only $420, your church can provide two clean water tube well pumps.

You can give today.


If your church would like to partner with this ministry by raising funds for this project, along with helping them with other important long-term goals, please contact us at [email protected]

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