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The Children of Feed My Lambs in Nicaragua

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About This Cause

Nicaragua is the largest and poorest country in Central America. Nearly two centuries of dictatorships, civil wars, and natural calamities have left the country greatly impoverished. Many fathers abandon their families, leaving mothers to provide for their children, often with great difficulty. Nearly 30% of the population of six million is under the age of fourteen. They struggle to survive by washing cars, selling small items, or simply begging. The search for food is a daily routine.

Feed My Lambs was born from the heart of the founder Melody Wright, who has adopted four children from Nicaragua. During one of her visits, her heart broke when she saw children digging through the trash outside of the hotel, looking for something to fill their hungry stomachs. God used this to place a burden on her heart for these poor and desperate children. Melody along with native missionary Yesenia Tigchelaar began Feed My Lambs, which seeks to meet the physical and spiritual needs of children in Nicaragua. They believe that the only way to break the cycle of poverty and bring change to the sense of hopelessness that exists amongst the poor is to start with the children and bring them into a relationship with Jesus—the one true hope for the world.

The children hear about and experience the depth and breadth of Jesus’ great love for them at the feeding centers. Feed My Lambs also helps these children with medical attention, school supplies, uniforms and a food box program for single mothers.  As they help take care of these children’s physical needs, they share in word and in deed about Jesus’s great and life-changing love.

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