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Beirut Explosion Relief


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About This Cause

The tragic explosion which rocked Beirut on August 4 has devastated the lives of many. Over 170 have died while more than 6,000 were injured and more than 300,000 were displaced after losing their homes.

Our native partner, a local ministry led by Brother Magdi and Sister Grace, has a church just minutes from the site of the blast. The windows and doors in Magdi and Grace’s own home were blown out by the explosion.

Pastor Magdi and his ministry will use your generous donations to provide for those who have been impacted by the explosion. Gifts will be used to provide for basic needs like –

  1. Food
  2. Clothes
  3. Medicine for those who were injured
  4. Home repair supplies
  5. And much more!

These relief efforts will also open doors for them to share the good news of Jesus with people in their 59% Muslim homeland (source Joshua Project).

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