Believers in Israel’s Army Go Forth in Faith

Every Israeli citizen serves in the military for two years or more, with a few exceptions—it’s compulsory.

So the Israeli ministry Lech L’cha (“Go forth”) crafted programs for discipleship and evangelism for those in the military, helping believers in Israel’s army live faithful lives. In June eight service members participated in a six-week program. Here are some of their reflections:

“I learned to accept that the body of believers is not all the same and that not all the people in it think the same. I learned not to judge but to accept and love and bring forth correction in a loving way.”

“I had time to pursue God, to focus on Him, and to see His will for my life. I learned to focus on ‘the forever,’ and saw that security and protection can be found only in the Lord. I cannot carry everything on my shoulders. The Lord quieted the storm that was in me.”

“It is unreal to say that in a month and a half I became a different person, but God has given me the will to change; it did not come from me. I know I could have tried to change my walk by myself, but it would not have lasted for long without Lech L’cha’s help. Now I see things as a challenge and not as a mountain that I cannot deal with.”

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