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Are You Waiting?

The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace. – Exodus 14:14 (KJV)

In Exodus 14, the children of Israel were facing a huge problem; they were fearful for their very lives and did not have a discernible way to escape Pharaoh’s army. Who could have imagined that only a few hours later they would walk through the Red Sea?

      By Lara Andrake

On the brink of annihilation, they were told to “hold your peace.” We may not have chariots and a literal army chasing us, but our lives are wrought with problems and concerns that can quickly become overwhelming if we don’t “keep our peace” or wait on the Lord.

We must wait on the Lord to fight the battle, prepare ourselves and listen to His instructions.

I will share with you that my previous approach to a problem was to dwell on the thing until I have examined every single possible outcome, tried to resolve the issue on my own, asked others’ for their opinions. Finally, after I throw my hands up in exhaustion,  I decide to give it to God.  This approach has never been successful; only exhausting and unfruitful. When I approach a problem in this way, it is as if I am saying “God, I have tried everything I know to do; now it is your turn!” My life is to be a good reflection of Jesus Christ, who lives in me. If I am flittering about, worried, stressed, and otherwise not at peace, how can I demonstrate the wholeness and goodness of my Father?

In Exodus 14:13, the Lord gave Moses a preview of what was to come, He told him the He had planned this and would use Pharaoh and his army to demonstrate His glory. We must remember when we are going through trials, issues, or everyday life that the Lord is never surprised by what happens. He already knows! He knows us! He knows what we need and how we feel! I cling to this comfort that my Lord knows my circumstances; He loves me and wants only good things for me. So when I find myself in seasons of what would be panic, doubt, or other seasons of uncertainty, I have to remind myself that the Lord is fighting a battle for me so that I can show others His glory. Waiting is an active process of reminding myself that the Lord is fighting the battle.

What are you actively waiting on today?

I challenge you to ask the Lord to help you learn to wait on Him and His perfect timing. Ask Him to help you be able to tell others of His works and His glory in your life.

Lara Andrake is a member of ANM’s International Women’s Ministries team.

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