Always a New Blessing

Thursday community Bible study at ANM is never the same twice. It is always a blessing, often an adventure, educational, informative, exciting, multicultural…enough said.

By Sue Morris

One Thursday last summer stands out in my memory. The call to worship with music at 9:50 was very special. Four young brothers, the Locklears, who come to volunteer, played their instruments and led singing. As Sister Lucille said, “It was Kentucky music.” Banjo, fiddles (violins), and guitars were played—traditional hymns with a bluegrass flair. These four brothers, who are homeschooled, come to ANM on Thursdays for the Bible study and to volunteer. They especially like the warehouse, where they can do heavy lifting and see big trucks and equipment.

This was the day to say goodbye to the three interns who have worked so diligently all summer. They have been such a wonderful addition to ANM. To say they fit in easily is true. Now they are leaving with prayer and a certificate acknowledging their contributions. (Their farewell party was the previous Wednesday.) Then one intern’s dad, a pastor from Arkansas, taught on “The Return to Holiness” and getting rid of seven sins that keep us from being holy.

Bong Barredo shared about her ministry in the Philippines. How touching to hear how God is using her to reach her own people for Jesus. She has such a heart for children.

The meeting ended with the Doxology, as usual, praising God for what He did today. Then the fellowship time began. Lots of small groups were chatting and hugging. Many conversations were going on at once. There was a lot of excitement, and in the midst of it the brothers playing music, with one staff member playing on the baby grand. Thursday’s community Bible study is always a blessing and often surprising.

Sue Morris is a regular blog writer and a member of ANM’s women’s ministry team.


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