Field Standards

Advancing Native Missions field researchers travel the globe to remote places to visit, research, and evaluate native mission groups. We check to see whether these groups meet the following field standards, required for any Christian missions group served by Advancing Native Missions:

  1. A clear evangelical statement of faith
  2. A leadership that is motivated by a burden for the lost to be saved
  3. A ministry based on the “love of the brethren”-i.e., do the brethren love one another?
  4. A high level of spiritual maturity and integrity among the leadership and missionaries
  5. A vision to see the Gospel carried to the surrounding unreached and unevangelized peoples
  6. Evidence of spiritual fruitfulness among the targeted peoples and active missionary outreaches resulting in new churches planted and organized
  7. Training and equipping of new missionaries for the harvest fields
  8. A good report from neighboring Christian missions
  9. A ministry tested by the fires of tribulation, faithful in the face of spiritual and physical opposition
  10. A commitment to financial transparency, coupled with the issuance of an annual audited (or similarly approved) financial statement for the Christian mission
  11. An organization with a board of directors or set of officers for spiritual and financial accountability
  12. A commitment to providing ANM with regular field reports, updates, and photos