ANM seeks out, evaluates, and supports native missions organizations that have a clear evangelical statement of faith, are open and transparent in their finances, and seek to primarily work among unreached people groups in their region (see our complete Field Standards). We intentionally endeavor to increase financial support to those organizations we choose to partner with and thereby increase the number of unreached people groups they are collectively engaging. The missionaries we support through our partner organizations are evangelists, church planters, teachers, and social workers.

We gauge our effectiveness in fulfilling our mission by tracking three distinct metrics:

  1. We track the number of missionaries in the field who are directly working through our partners in fulfilling our mission. At the end of 2019 our partners had 10,425 missionaries in the field. Our goal for 2020 is 12,510 missionaries.
  2. We track the number of unreached people groups that our partners are working among. In 2019 they were working among 858 unreached people groups. Our goal is that they will be working among 990 by the end of 2020.
  3. We also track the total cash we actually send to our partners. In 2019 we sent $6.6 million. Our goal for 2020 is $7.9 million.

ANM operates on the smallest possible budget so the missionaries get the largest possible benefit.

In 2019, 84.87% of income benefited our missionary partners. 15.13% of income was used for ANM operating expenses.

Operating expenses included 11.53% administrative expenses, 3.60% fundraising expenses, and 84.87% program expenses.

We strive for openness and transparency in the stewardship of gifts entrusted to us.

Advancing Native Missions is a member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). Each year, ANM obtains an independent audit by a certified public accounting firm.

ANM consistently receives the highest ratings from national watchdog organizations who evaluate non-profit groups, such as Charity Navigator, MinistryWatch, and GuideStar.

ANM’s Board of Directors is Ellen J. Lemke (Chair), Arlin Martin (Treasurer), John F. Elder IV, Ruth B. Graham, W. Wesley Howard, William A. James, Daniel Karunakaran, Bert Richardson, Donald R. Richardson, Graham P. Stewart, and Jason Strampe. ANM’s senior officers are Oliver Asher, President; Richard Prins, CEO; P. R. Misra, President of International Operations; David Thacker, Executive Vice President of Stewardship & Development; Jesse Martin, COO; Amber Parker, Senior Vice President of Staff Development.

See our IRS Form 990, disclosure statement, and Annual Report for more details.

We take the safety of staff, volunteers, visitors, and their family members very seriously.

To learn more about Advancing Native Missions’ policies designed to prevent physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse, read our Child and Adult Protection Policy.

It is my joy and privilege to know Advancing Native Missions up close and personal. It is said that, “Familiarity breeds contempt” or at least disappointment. Not in this case. The more I have witnessed and heard, the more I have come to love and appreciate ANM. What a remarkable organization! The staff are godly, humble people who understand the grace of God. The work they do is critical in supporting those out on the field. They don’t reinvent the wheel—they help to keep it rolling. And the precious ones they support are “God’s royalty,” as my mother would say. When they visit the headquarters, it’s as if giants walk among us. It has been one of my life’s greatest experiences and blessings to be involved with Advancing Native Missions.

Ruth Graham
President and Chairman of Ruth Graham Ministries
Author of Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There

Advancing Native Missions is one of the most committed faith-based nonprofits that we work with in international humanitarian needs and disasters in the U.S. Their commitment to their faith principles, and their efficiency in placing supplies in some of the most difficult places in the world, are outstanding. They are truly the arms, eyes, and soul of Christ. We have developed an outstanding partnership that is helping the poorest of the poor. Of the forty-plus nonprofits we work with, Advancing Native Missions is certainly one of the best.

Rev. Ronald T. Davidson
Founder, President & COO, Gleaning for the World

Our relationship with ANM means that we have a partnership that enables a small church like ours to have a significant and effective role in reaching the nations with the good news that Jesus Christ delivers from sin and condemnation.

Lee Hess
Pastor, Carrollton Baptist Church, Virginia

Questions? Contact Dick Prins, our Executive Vice President of Sustainability and Development.