God's heart

God’s kingdom is advancing

Our Lord is increasingly using indigenous Christians to reach their own communities, until there is a Gospel community sharing the transforming message of Christ in every nation, tribe, and people. ANM develops partnerships between believers and churches in the US and their missionary brothers and sisters around the world. As we join together, we align ourselves with the heart of God.

God loves children!

Children have many needs, but the biggest is to know Jesus! That is why many of our missionary partners have started homes and schools for children. They feed and care for them, and some even rescue children from trafficking and hard labor. As the love of Christ is shown, the Gospel bears fruit and these children’s lives are changed. Many even grow up to become native missionaries themselves.

God loves women!

In many places around the world women are marginalized and treated with low regard. Our missionary partners value women and share the truth of God’s love for them. They help them develop ways to earn income and support their families such as sewing, making jewelry, and raising animals. They also rescue women from traffickers and find safe homes for them. Not only that, but women are some of the most effective native missionaries!

God loves His persecuted church!

In many parts of the world persecution is a reality when people come to Christ. One of ANM’s goals is to pray for, encourage, and comfort our brothers and sisters who are suffering. Through ANM, you can even help some of them be released from prison, relocate to safe houses, or flee their country if necessary.

God builds friendships!

Short-term mission trips through ANM such as teaching conferences, visits to encourage, medical, and construction ministries are ways you can get involved and connect to the body of Christ around the world.

God equips His servants!

ANM’s Warehouse for the Nations collects and sends supplies to equip our missionary partners according to each one’s specific needs. There are many ways that you can be involved by collecting needed items, sewing, and giving. Your dollars can be multiplied many times as we work with other organizations and are able to purchase items at a fraction of their normal cost. We have seen God use even the smallest of gifts given in His name to display His love and bring people to the knowledge of Himself.

‘Til All Hear

God is at work transforming lives and reaching those who have never heard! You can join Him.

In some parts of the world no Christian community yet exists. The hope of the Gospel hasn’t arrived. The hands and feet of Christ don’t yet deliver help and healing. Native missionaries in nearby communities are willing to go, to advance Christ’s kingdom to these unreached peoples. They just need someone to send them.

Right now, your gift of $25 will be matched and will release one of these native missionaries into the field to make a difference. So many are eager to go. Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel, ’til all hear!

Learn more about our ‘Til All Hear campaign to reach the world’s unreached people groups.