treasures for the kingdom

One of Many Treasures for the Kingdom

So often people ask, “What is Advancing Native Missions? What do you do?” To explain, let me tell you about Williams Yindi.

By Sue Morris

Williams showed up at ANM in 2000, referred by a friend who thought his ministry might be a good fit for partnership with ANM. The initial interaction was humorous: Williams introduced himself by saying, “I am a chemistry teacher.” So Bo Barredo, now ANM’s president, asked him to write the formulas for nitrate and nitrite. Williams did, and so began to establish his credibility.

So Bo asked him to write the formulas for nitrate and nitrite. He did it, showing Bo that he was who he said he was. Then followed a conversation about what he desired to do in ministry. Williams wanted to train pastors to reach the unreached people of Tanzania. He had the vision and desire, but he needed support from others to help bring his vision to fruition. ANM’s staff researched Williams’ ministry, Unreached Peoples Mission, further and decided to partner with him.

ANM began helping Williams connect to churches in the United States to share his vision and find friends who would stand with him and support his ministry financially.

God turned the situation around

Williams once shared that when he gave up his teaching position with a good salary to become a missionary he was mocked as a failure by people in the community. His clan considered him an outcast, a traitor because he left a well-paying job for this missionary work.

Williams and his workers used to burn tires to get strings for their guitars (really!). The music attracted crowds, and they shared the Gospel. They would walk many miles (10 or more) a day to plant new churches in the bush. They would travel without ample food, poorly dressed, carrying torn Bibles with missing pages. Villagers saw them as beggars, not ambassadors carrying the good news of salvation through Jesus.

Besides the ministry difficulties in the communities there were many orphans because of HIV/AIDS and the poor economy, so the children had a poor future ahead of them. Lack of clean drinking water led to many deaths and severe diseases. Lack of education left many with no way to improve their lot in life.

To quote Williams, “Partnership with ANM has impacted our ministry, family and the entire community. UPM’s vision and dreams are excelling beyond imaginations.”

ANM provided bicycles for pastors, roofing materials for ministry buildings, audio systems for larger meetings, wells for poor villages, and more. Williams and his staff took education, clean water, clothing and hygiene items, among other things, to poor rural areas as they preached the Gospel to those who had not heard of Jesus.

Now Williams is a senior advisor for his entire clan. They have come to respect him because of the provisions God has given which have helped his family, ministry, and community. With the help of ANM, people of his community have changed their way of thinking.

When Williams came to ANM in 2000, Unreached Peoples Mission had 14 pastors and 14 churches. Now, 17 years later, 180 missionaries and a total of 254 full-time workers pastor 250 churches and lead additional outreaches into new areas.

“Because of the container!”

Here is a video clip of Williams in 2014 expressing his gratitude to ANM’s warehouse team for sending a container to Tanzania with supplies Williams needed to do ministry. What a joy it was to listen to how God had used the generosity of Christians here to help people in Tanzania.

We are the bridge connecting Christians in the United States to their brothers and sisters overseas. Thank you for your partnership in blessing, encouraging, and praying for “treasures for the kingdom” like Williams Yindi, doing beautiful work for the Lord.

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Sue Morris is part of ANM’s International Women’s Ministry team and a part-time staff writer.