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A Missionary Perspective on COVID-19: Viewing the Pandemic with Kingdom Eyes

Where were you when the lockdown was announced?

Rajender Singh from Delhi, India, was nearly 950 miles from home when the country announced a period of forced isolation. He and his family had traveled to the jungles of West Bengal to visit his wife’s brother. Shocked and caught off-guard by the isolation order, Rajender at first thought only about their plane tickets, when they could return, and how much money they might lose. He became anxious about being a burden to his brother-in-law. 

Catching himself, he chose to pray. He then began to praise God for removing him and his loved ones out of Delhi, where the virus was spreading rapidly. He said, “This has made my faith stronger to think of the way God rescued us and brought us to a peaceful area. There are no cases of the virus here, and the Indian Army is monitoring everything. To God be the glory!” 

Rajender sees his situation as God’s hand of protection and a way to help both families. Now they can share problems, finances, and prayers. They can also share the gospel with neighbors, at a distance, who would not have listened before. “We are rich because of Jesus!”

Rene, a ministry leader in Honduras, was also away from home, visiting his in-laws when the government suddenly prohibited all travel and imposed quarantines in each home.

Instead of being discouraged, Rene took the opportunity to hold a worship service with the family, who were not Christians. His unbelieving in-laws were both sick so Rene prayed for them. They were instantly healed! Rene is rejoicing in this opportunity to minister to those who are right in front of him!

ANM heard from other ministry leaders in lockdown:

“When we heard of the lockdown, we called an intercessory prayer time called ‘Knee Down.’”

“We divided the church into small house churches where they can still meet while practicing social distancing.”

“Lockdown only means that we are locked in with God. Isaiah 26:20 says, “Hide yourselves for a little while until the fury has passed by. For behold, the Lord is coming out from His place…”

“Through social media we are teaching fathers how to lead their families in home Bible studies.”

“Kneeling down in prayer is the only thing we can do to help in the current situation.”

“We use hand sanitizer and face masks, but most importantly, we use the anointing oil.”

Our perspective on our circumstances makes a difference. Let us follow the examples of our brothers and sisters around the world and focus on Jesus. Remember, He will never leave us nor forsake us!


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