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Indonesia Earthquake: Local Ministry Scrambles to Provide Aid

This September a category 7.5 earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. The earthquake, the subsequent tsunami, and the aftershocks have devastated the region. The death toll has risen past 1,300, while over 17,000 have been forced to leave their homes. The disaster severely damaged the coastal region of Donggala, particularly the city of Palu where most of the dead have been found. It is estimated that over 2.4 million people have been affected.

Communication and transportation facilities on the island have been severely damaged, limiting the Indonesian government’s and outside organizations’ ability to bring in aid. Out of desperation, many locals have begun to loot and rob local stores. The chaos makes it difficult to bring order and aid to the already desperate situation.

Compassion brings hope

Advancing Native Missions’ native Indonesian ministry partner on the nearby island of Sumbawa has reacted quickly to the event. Even though many of their communication outlets are also down, they have managed to send a team to determine how their ministry can best provide relief to the many devastated disaster victims. Students from their Bible college have been sent home to comfort their families and help in any way they can. The ministry is currently in contact with their church plant in Palu so they can cooperate with them in relief efforts.

Unfortunately, our partner is currently somewhat limited in resources. For the last few months, they have been sending aid to the neighboring island of Lombok following a recent earthquake there. They have already sent multiple trucks filled with food as well as teams of ministry workers to help local children and to help with the general relief process. Their investment in this aid has left them with scant resources to provide the level of relief they feel called to give in this new disaster situation.

Our Indonesian partner mourns deeply for the suffering that is taking place among their own people. They long to answer Christ’s call to provide for and come beside the “least of these,” especially when they are most in need. You can help provide Christ-centered relief for the many Indonesians whose lives have been disrupted by this terrible disaster. Please consider donating to provide life-saving aid to those who have been left desperate and vulnerable by this terrible event.

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