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3 Ways to Pray for Southeast Asia

In the Southeast Asian countries of Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore, many people have never heard the Gospel — even once. Most of these countries have a small minority of Christians who have to share the Gospel very carefully. For the past two years, COVID has hit them in a hard way, as well. Native missionaries are struggling with finances, COVID, and sharing the Gospel and really need our prayers. ANM’s Regional Director for Southeast Asia, Anju Misra, has requested these specific prayers.

3 Ways to Pray:

  1. Pray for Myanmar, as the whole country is going through unrest and turmoil because of military rule. There has been so much uncertainty. Peace and stability are critical for refugees to return, and believers and the entire population need greater safety. The military rulers are killing civilians brutally. Several missionary families have fled to the jungle to hide, and children have not gone to school for the past two years. Despite all the turmoil, new souls are being added to God’s Kingdom. Please pray for peace in Myanmar.
  2. Pray for Indonesia and Malaysia, which are Muslim-majority countries. They still have so many unreached people groups who have yet to hear the Gospel. Please pray for our ministry partners’ efforts to reach these unreached people groups with the Good News despite the severe challenges they face. Pray for the next generation, since today’s children will be tomorrow’s heroes for God’s kingdom. God is doing amazing things, and we can see that revival is happening.
  3. Pray for God’s wisdom and grace to be with our missionaries to reach many more unreached people. Pray for God’s provision for them so that they can continue to give their full attention in the mission field without having to worry about providing for their families. Please pray that our partners and their families will be safe as the COVID rate is rising.

The native missionaries in this region are constantly requesting prayer as their number one need. They frequently share the mighty moves of God in response to the prayers people have prayed for their requests. God is working in response to prayer warriors like you. Will you pray today?

Download our prayer guide, “21 Ways You Can Advance the Kingdom Through Prayer,” to discover more ways you can pray for needs around the world.

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