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17 Ways to Inspire Your Church for Missions with the ANM Christmas Catalog

The new ANM Christmas Catalog is here, and there are plenty of ways for your missions-minded church to use it to encourage people to be a part of the Great Commission! Here are 17:

In one of your services, large-group meetings, or events

  1. During your next event, include a petting zoo with goats, ducks, and chickens. Invite people to donate and purchase animals like these for families in other countries.
  2. Host a simple meal of rice and beans. Sell tickets or ask for donations to benefit hungry people in Venezuela.
  3. Invite people to attend the next church gathering barefooted (or take off their shoes when they come in from the cold) to raise awareness and funds to provide shoes for children who don’t have them.
  4. Show a video of Chinese Christians receiving their first Bible and then challenge your church to give funds for Bibles.
  5. Provide the ANM Kids Activity Book for your Children’s Church or Sunday school classes. Ask for donations for school supplies for children in other countries.


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At home

  1. Throw an It’s My Party and I’ll Give If I Want To party. Invite people to a birthday party or Christmas party and ask for no gifts, just donations toward one or more of the catalog items.
  2. Suggest that families choose one of their expenses to match with donations for those in need: 
    1. cold and flu treatments to purchase medicines for medical outreaches
    2. water bill to fund a community well or water purifier
    3. shoes or clothes to purchase shoes for children who don’t have them
    4. Eggs to purchase a duck or chicken for an impoverished family
  3. Challenge people to give up or fast a luxury item such as lattés, sodas, or desserts for one week, then use the money saved to purchase an item in the catalog.
  4. Share links to missionary stories from the ANM Blog with your church families, and challenge them to be Christians on mission by praying and giving.
  5. Invite families to give a gift in honor of someone special to them. We’ll send a card to that person, letting them know about the gift.  
  6. Challenge families to count the Bibles in their home and give $1 for each Bible they find to purchase Bibles for people who do not have even one.
  7. Challenge families to count how many pairs of shoes they own and then donate $1 for each pair in order to purchase shoes for children who don’t own any.


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In your community

  1. Ask a local soccer team or league to contribute toward soccer balls for children and ministries in other countries.
  2. Ask a Christian motorcycle group to donate money for a motorcycle so missionaries can get to remote villages faster.
  3. Ask a quilting guild or sewing circle to donate money for a sewing machine.
  4. Contact a bicycle store or riding club to ask for a donation to purchase bicycles for missionaries.
  5. Challenge a Christian school or Sunday school class to plan a day without their usual school supplies and raise funds for school supplies to give to children who regularly go without them.

These are just a few ways your church can encourage people to be Christians on mission this Christmas season. If you think of others, please share them with us!


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