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While praying for Liberia and Honduras I heard a whisper in my spirit, “They have tears you know not of.” Then, “You need to go.” I knew I had to respond. While there are women everywhere that need encouragement in some way, at this time God is calling the International Women’s Minsitries Team to wipe the tears of our sisters in Honduras and Liberia.

   By Autumn Nims

In God’s Word, Isaiah 52:2-3, it says:  “Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, Jerusalem. Free yourself from the chains on your neck, Daughter Zion, now a captive.  For this is what the LORD says: You were sold for nothing, and without money you will be redeemed.”

When written, this portion of the Word of God was a timely message for the Israelites, but it also speaks to women in their captivity today. God has a message, revealing the power HE has for women to enable them to shake off the chains that hold them back from His best.

There will be two women’s conferences in Honduras in late July/early August and three in Liberia in late September. Our main purpose will be to bring encouragement, refreshment and renewal through God’s Word and loving care. Our IWM sending teams will be there to encourage their faith, pray for, hug, wipe tears, and affirm God’s love.

Will you be a part of our sending team by helping us GO? This plea for your help is not for us but for women who need to know their value and the inner freedom God offers. Women make up 90% of the Lord’s work around the world, so the need to is great.

Please PRAY for us as we prepare. The enemy would like for us not to go. He knows this could spark a revival and women could be inspired to do more for the Kingdom. Will you be part of our sending team by helping overcome him and preparing the way through prayer?

As the Lord leads…would you be willing to be a part of our sending team by GIVING to the cause of encouraging these women? With the help of God’s people, we will be covering all the costs for these wives and leaders to attend. They are too poor to pay for their own travel, food, and lodging. As you know from our own lives, funds are necessary for this door of opportunity to become a reality. I’ve put a budget in this letter, and a response coupon is enclosed. Please include it when you reply, or use the code 095IWM5003 /Honduras or 095IWM5004 /Liberia if you give online. Will you pray about becoming a part of the sending team by what you give?

If you feel a desire to personally GO, then reach out to me. I still need team members for both teams. You will receive training and all the help you need. As with all the others who are GOing, the Lord will provide for you if He is in it! He always does.

As we join together we accomplish the impossible. Thank you for your part in sending us.

In His Matchless Name!

P.S. Prayerfully consider the budgets for both trips:  $30 dollars will send a woman to a two day Thrive Event paying for her food and lodging while she is with us. Would you help send 5, 10 or 15 women to a Thrive Event? Many of these women would never be able to do this otherwise. So, you are making a way by your gift of $30 or more. Our prayer is that for each Thrive Event 200 women would be able to attend.


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Autumn Nims is the Executive Director of the International Women’s Ministries of Advancing Native Missions.