Looking for a fun and educational way to teach kids about missions? Search no further! Meet Addison Venture, World FAMOUS Explorer and advocate for native missionaries. Join Addison as he explores the world, discovers the love of God, and meets native missionaries who are busy sharing the Good News of salvation in Jesus—all across the globe. Ad's official Travel Log entries come to you weekly, complete with AdVentures of his journeys; a Dig Deeper Bible study section; a SNAPS section for putting each week's lesson into practice at home; a Missionary Moment; a Prayer Pocket; and Dear Adeline letters filled with fun regional facts. The full potential of Ad's ventures is limited only by your imagination. These stories could be read aloud or, better yet, acted out by a volunteer willing to play the part of a World FAMOUS Explorer. Our prayer is that you will be able to use these stories and biblical truths at home or in the classroom as a way to share the heart of native missions with the next generation.

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NAME: Addison Venture (But you can call me Ad!) OCCUPATION: World FAMOUS Explorer SPECIALIZATION: Extreme Global AdVentures - exploring the vast expanse of the inner workings of the Gospel being shared worldwide among unreached people groups (i.e. the Voice of Native Missions) PLACE OF BIRTH: Ventureville, USA BIRTHDAY: October 20 (which has since been declared National Archeology Day - it must be in honor of me! ) BIO. LINE: Lean, mean and just plain fun - Ad Venture gets the job done!
FAVORITE QUOTES: "To infinity and beyond!" and "Act first; think later." FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Searching for hidden treasures in my cereal box. INTERESTS: Exploring, singing, exploring, eating, exploring, hiking, exploring... BEST FRIENDS: Bubba Bo and my little sister Adeline HOW YOU MET: I bumped into Bubba Bo in the jungles of Southeast Asia, and my parents introduced me to Adeline. PETS: Well, Bubba Bo is a water buffalo, but I don't exactly think of him as a "pet."  I once had a hermit crab named Claws who I discovered in a creek near my house. FAVORITE COLOR: Red, preferably with khaki FAVORITE HOLIDAY: National Archeology Day (aka MY Birthday!) FAVORITE FOOD: Seconds FAVORITE DRINK: Tomato juice FAVORITE SNACK: Cereal FAVORITE DESSERT: More! FAVORITE HAIRSTYLE: Elvis, but I just can't quite pull it off - YET! FAVORITE CLOTHING: Red shirt, khaki pants, and my awesome explorer hat FAVORITE DIG SITE: First it was a cereal box, now it's wherever my AdVentures take me! FAVORITE BOOK: The B-I-B-L-E. Yes, that's the book for me! Oh, and my handy dandy Travel Log. FAVORITE MUSIC: Anything under the "Son." FAVORITE BAND: The 10/40 Expedition singers! FAVORITE WEBSITE: www.advancingnativemissions.com and www.the1040expedition.com IF YOU COULD BE ANYWHERE RIGHT NOW, WHERE WOULD IT BE? On exploration, of course! WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME? I cruise the cereal aisle at the local grocery store. And sample Adeline's recipes. DO YOU RESEMBLE ANYONE FAMOUS? Me! (The resemblance is uncanny!) PICTURES OF ADDISON: