Healing, Prayer, and the Real Story: Interning at ANM

My internship at ANM has been an incredible time of personal healing for me. God has given me a new joy and peace that I wasn’t sure I could have after a destructive experience with another missions organization. ANM characterizes what I believe the true Church of Christ Jesus should look like.

By Avaree Gaitano, 2015–16 intern

I knew that this kind of passion for Christ was rare in the United States. However, this organization is real, very much alive, and successfully fulfilling the Great Commission. That is not something that many church groups or organizations can say with total confidence.

The reason why God is abundantly blessing this place is because these people fervently pray over every person they are in contact with, every situation they are made aware of, and every decision they need to make. After that, they rest in the power and sovereignty of their Heavenly Father. The more time that I spend with these wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ, the more I am inspired to draw closer to the heart of God and draw others toward Him as well.

I also enjoy being an intern an ANM because I have been able to hear about the things that God is doing around the world that one would not normally hear about in the news or at church. It is so exciting to hear the way God is moving through the events of history that we are living out on a daily basis. Christians are growing by thousands upon thousands all over the globe, and I get to know about it and have the privilege and honor of praying for them.

Avaree is one of our beloved interns this year.

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